1. Translation: English > Albanian, Albanian > English
    Specialized in Legal Matters, Medical, Education, Art, Religion, History, Literature, Politics, Computer Software Localization, Technology

  2. Interpretation: English > Albanian, Albanian > English.
    Simultaneous, Consecutive, Escort Interpretation, Telephonic Interpretation
    International Conferences, Courts, Business Meetings, Hospitals, Insurance Companies, INS Services, etc.

    I provide professional interpreting services for Albanian-English and English-Albanian - backed up by several years of experience and several certificates I have earned to be a conference, court and telephonic interpreter. I am one of only a handful of Certified Conference and Court and Medical Interpreters for the English-Albanian and Albanian-English language pairs.
    1. Fully bilingual (in English and Albanian)
    2. Over fifteen years of experience
    3. I have interpreted and continue to interpret at international conferences, courts, medical conferences etc. I also offer telephonic interpretation.
    4. Interpretation Consultant for the US Army INSCOM project at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Personal interpreter and translator for the Village Mayor and the Village Life Operation Provide Refuge.
    5. Selected to interpret for the NJ Governor C Whitman during her visit on July 4th, 1999 and I was also selected to interpret at the Closeout Ceremony of the Operation Provide Refuge.
    6. Simultaneous interpreter for the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for their Semi-Annual General Conference April 2000, October 2000, and April 2001.
    7. Conference Interpreter for the Kosova Municipal Leaders Conference presented by the United States Institute for Peace, Washington D.C. and Lexington, Kentucky. Feb-Mar 2001.
    8. Conference Interpreter for the Kosova Parliament Delegation on Developing Good Governance presented by the United States Institute for Peace, Washington D.C. (June 2002)
    9. Conference Interpreter for the Delegation of Albanian Researchers who participated in a Training Program by The Unites States Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health and Veterinary Medicine. A review of Policy/Regulation Promulgation, Infectious Disease Diagnostics, Surveillance and Academic Research/Education Programs (Sept 1, 2003 - Sept 21, 2003)

  3. Editing: English > Albanian, Albanian > English

  4. Proofreading: Strong knowledge of the grammar of Albanian and English.

** Reasonable rates **

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