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Implementation of ISO 12620 (Data Categories for terminological databases), and ISO 12200 (MARTIF - Machine-Readable Terminology Interchange format)

The American Translators Association

Albanian Glossary

General Info about the Albanian Language

A diagram showing Indo-European and its branches

Lost in Translation

Translation Journal

Albanian Yellow Pages (in Albania)

Albanian Music

Volta.Net Business Directory

About Linux in Albanian - Linux nė shqip

The GNOME Desktop in Albanian - GNOME nė shqip

Disa pamje nga Linux dhe Desktop GNOME nė shqip

International Business Directory

Online Dictionaries and Glossaries

Medical Dictionaries

Medical Online Dictionaries & Glossaries
MedTerms Dictionary
Homeopathic Remedies
Long-Term Care
Testicular Cancer
Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Medicare Glossary
Medical Dictionary
Brain Injury Glossary
Neurosurgical Terms
MerriamWebster Medical Dictionary
Medical Spelling Dictionary Cancer Glossary
HIV Glossary
Merck Manual Home Edition
Fungal Glossary
STD Glossary
Eating Disorders Glossary
Biographical Dictionary of Medical Eponyms
Genome Glossary
Infertility Terms
Glossary of Lymphoma Terms
Virology Glossary
Sleep Apnoea Glossary
HIV/AIDS Glossary
Health Information Glossary
Perfusion Technology
Conditions and Devices
MPIP Medical Dictionary
Dictionary of Cancer Terms
Gray's Anatomy
Genetics Terms
Medical Dictionary Search Engine
Genetics of Hearing Impairment
Human fertility
A Modern Herbal
Immune and Nervous System
Mother Nature Dictionary
Laser Eye Surgery
Veterinary Terms
Holistic Health Terms
Disease Reference
Glossary of Immunology
Brain Tumor Glossary
Diabetes Dictionary
Insulin terms
Spa Glossary
Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Terms
Diabetes Dictionary
Veterinary Acronyms
Psychiatry and Neurology
Allergy Glossary
Cardiovascular Terminology
Organ Donor Glossary
Surgical terms
Suicide Terminology
MRI Glossary
Diabetes Dictionary
Cancer Glossary
Eye Cancer Dictionary
Sex Therapy
Blue Cross/Blue Sheld Glossary
Psychotherapy Terms
Proton Therapy
Pharma Lexicon

Acronyms and abbreviations

Acronym Finder
Carbon Dioxide Acronyms and Abbreviations
Cartography Acronyms
US Dept. of Energy Acronyms
Federal Contracting Acronyms
Cargo Acronyms
Military Acronyms
SMT and Electronics Acronyms
Postal Service Abbreviations
List of Acronym Websites
Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations
Computer-related Acronyms
Cultural Resource Management Acronyms

Advertising and Marketing

Marketing terms
Management and Marketing
Advertising Terminology


Court Terms
Nolo's Law Dictionary
Legal Terms
Adoption Glossary
Maritime and Admiralty Glossary
Divorce Dictionary
Latin Legal Terms
Workers' Compensation Glossary
Family Law
Estate planning
International Law Dictionary
INS Glossary
Common Legal Terms
Clean Air Act
UK Court Forms
Duhaime's Law Dictionary
IBM Patent Database
Intellectual Property Rights


Information Literacy
Glossary of Distance Education Terminology
Science Education Glossary
Glossary of Instructional Strategies
Educational Terminology
Learning Disabilities Terms
Education Terms and Acronyms
A Glossary of Gifted Education
Dictionary of Education
Education Week Glossary
Financial Aid Glossary
Mental Health in Schools
Special Education Glossary

Computers and Software
BYTE Graphics Glossary
Memory Managment Glossary
ATM dictionary
Component Software Glossary
ADSL Chipset Glossary
Unicode Terms
Computer graphics
Inside Macintosh glossary (PDF)
Netscape Communicator Glossary
Data Warehousing Glossary
3D Glossary (with illustrations)
IT and Computer Glossary
Free Online Dictionary of Computing
Webmonkey Glossary
Mathematical Programming Glosary
Data Acquisition terms Glossary
Glossary of Java-related Terms
Unicode Glossary
McAffeVirus Glossary
Speech Recognition
Virtual Reality Terms
HTML Guide
Computer game programming terms
CD-R Glossary
3Com Networking Glossary
Microsoft Product Support Glossary
Whatis Glossary
ADSL Forum Glossary
Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems
Gamer Jargon
Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems
BYTE Video glossary
Embedded systems
SAP Glossary
Mac OS 8 and 9 Developer Documentation Glossary
IBM Glossary of Computing Terms
Database Glossary
Document Imaging
Firewall Glossary


Dairy Science
Rice Terminology
Swine Production Glossary
Agriculture Glossary
Landscaping and Nursery
Grazing Lands Terminology
Woods of the World
Brewing Acronyms

Arts and Humanities

Dictionary of Visual Art
Rhyming dictionary
Glossary of Poetic Terms
Rhetorical figures
Film Glossary
Rock Art Glossary
Postmodern terms
Stained Glass Glossary
Art terms
Elizabethan Glossary
Dictionary of Heraldry
Sheet music terms
Word Spy neologisms
Online Rhyming dictionary
Linguistics Glossary
European Titles of Nobility
Tap Dance Dictionary
Harry Potter
New Words in English

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